I grew up on Vinyl records, my family played records all of the time, even having special records they played over the holidays. Years passed, I moved onto cassette tapes, then to compact discs, then digital, but none of those captured the nostalgia of Vinyl for me. Records sound different, they are a different experience altogether from other forms of media, aside from the nostalgia for me.

A couple of years back, I got a record player for Christmas from my mom and dad, and I got a few records from my wife shortly after. Things kept coming up in life, needs for my family, needs for my business and my wife’s business… stuff just popped up. My record collecting was put on hold until more recently… 

Collecting records is a hobby of mine, listening to them is pure joy to me. The cover art is large and in charge, they often come with inserts or fold-out, some even come with posters. Plus, there is nothing quite like the tactile feel of vinyl in your hands, spinning and setting that needle down to be transported to another world through audio. 

For the past few months, I’ve got new records, this month it’s a limited edition Nas – King’s disease (colored vinyl and poster) and a 3-record subscription to the record club by VNYL. 

I literally listen to just about every genre of music, classical, opera, classic rock, hip hop, hard rock, metal, the blues, R&B, extreme metal, goth and industrial, pop, and so on, so as my collection grows it gets more eclectic. Collecting records is a fun hobby, especially when you find or get that unicorn… the elusive album you’ve been looking for. It’s not just a hipster thing, Vinyl was and is an amazing audio choice and one that still brings joy to millions of people around the world!