Introduction – Citizenship 101

[It is important that you read this entire document before filling out a form, we want potential citizens to be fully informed.

Gaining citizenship in a new nation or micronation can be a highly worthwhile endeavor, regardless if you’re serious or just looking for fun and friends. The Newfredland citizenship process isn’t difficult, but it is necessary to protect our citizenry from those who would wish to harm or take advantage of them and keep those individuals from becoming citizens. The steps to citizenship in Newfredland are purposefully simple and easy to understand for most people but must be followed to the letter to be considered for citizenship. 

That’s why this handy dandy article “Citizenship 101,” is being written!

Once you’ve read through our founding documents and of course this one, you’ll be able to breeze through the citizenship process. 

The steps to Citizenship

The first thing is to become knowledgeable about the very steps to citizenship in Newfredland so that you don”t skip any or forget. The steps to gain citizenship in Newfredland are as follows;

  1.  Fill out in full, the citizenship petition form A-1. – Leave nothing unanswered, this is important for consideration for Citizenship and will be in your personal citizens file if you’re accepted. 
  2.  Written interview – This can take place via email, instant messenger, or another written correspondence. 
  3. You’ll then receive a citizenship package and welcome letter by email.
  4. You’re now a citizen, holding full rights and privileges just like any other, but there is a minor catch… within your citizenship package, you’ll find a naturalization EBook [read it ASAP]. You will need to study the naturalization book and within six months you’ll need to request to take a naturalization examination [free of charge]. 
  5. If you pass your naturalization examination, you’re a citizen of Newfredland for life. If you fail the naturalization examination, you’ll be given another try at a later date. 
Sponsoring a Citizenship

Already existing citizens of Newfredland can also sponsor someone for citizenship, which has the individual filling out the citizenship petition A-1 form and getting their citizenship package. This is very handy for whole families who want to join but don’t want to go through the whole process one person at a time. There are however some drawbacks to sponsorship;

  • The one sponsoring is responsible for the individual applying for citizenship. The sponsor will need to be sure the one they are sponsoring doesn’t cause trouble and is learned in our naturalization steps.
  • The sponsored citizen will not require the naturalization examination, however, if it is noticed that the one sponsored is unstudied in our naturalization, the weight will fall on the sponsor. 

That being said, if you as a citizen sponsor someone, it is best that you know them very well before agreeing to sponsor them. This is a great idea for those with families who want to bring their significant other,  their parents, kids, even grandparents along with them, without each having to go through the entire process. 

The entire process is fairly cut and dry and speedily handled by our staff of trained professionals (or untrained bananas). The whole thing is 100% free and easy to finish over a weekend depending on everyone’s availability. Few nations have such efficiency!