Ten tons of freedom dropped from overhead,
Can’t free the living might as well the dead,
Brains liberated out the back of their head,
…but who cares?
Enemies are armed in support of the war,
Dehumanized people make ya wanna kill more,
Governments toppled just to settle a score
,…but who cares?
Humans left to wonder in the valley of nod,
Death the new religion currency is their god,
No one blinks an eye or even think that it’s odd,
…but who cares?
Men women and children we just watch as they die,
Televisions program mindlessly through the eye,
Told what to feel and for who you should cry,
…but who cares?
So unaffected till it touches down-home,
Crumbling societies an effigy unto Rome,
Burnt the fuck down as we reap what we sown,
…but who cares?
Both sides say they’re winning while the people lose,
We watch from our T.V.’s the fear-mongering news,
Everyone is evil from another man’s views,
…but who cares?
Placated and Complicit to the ills all around,
Millions round the world suffer without a sound,
Everyone’s so lost that they believe they are found,
…but who cares?
…who cares?