Blackout and beautiful

A blackout tattoo is a thing of classical, tribal, warrior, beauty… it is a refresh of the skin that covers over everything you had beneath it previously. A blackout tattoo is also known as one of the most painful tattoos to get, as it is solid black work that has to be filled in as solid as possible, this becomes even more painful when done in the meticulous poke hand method, one dot at a time, rather than with a machine. I am 35% covered in tattoos from my past, many of which no longer serve me or represent who I am today, and a blackout tattoo allows me to cover them completely in black ink and have fresh, new, black skin (even if I am pale). 

An example of a blackout tattoo on the arm
A blackout tattoo on the arm with ornate ends

Blackout tattoos are an experience, something that isn’t for the quick to decide, especially if you are going with the poke hand methodology because the pain level can take you places inward, you haven’t been before. Blackout tattoos via machine are still a painful endeavor, so this is something to seriously consider before making your decision on whether or not to get one. Now, with that out of the way… Blackout tattoos are amazing and beautiful!

I have been tattooing both poke hand and machine now, and have begun doing some blackout work on myself mainly in poke hand style which is very noticeable compared to the machine. Blackout tattoos are unique, the experience of them is very different from just getting an image you like tattooed. This is a personal journey in regards to tattooing, another step for me in the learning process, but also a journey that I am willfully undertaking with joy and anticipation. I am beginning my ink suit more so now than ever in my life, and I started getting tattooed at sixteen years old. 

This is huge… this is life-changing!