Beneath the pale

Sadness gripping as hope fades
Slipping slipping away to naught
Falling down an endless abyss
Seething teeth are grit and fists clenched.
Rising the heartbeat sours
Eternal anguish fills the blackened soul
Grasping at what little humanity is left
As rage is disguised with a shallow mask.
Beating inside of the chest felt throughout the body
Thump thump thump uncontrollably
Numb to all other sensations and senses
Fueled by the absolute spirit of hate.
Crumbling walls of civility once upheld
Castles fall and forests burn without rest
Knife in hand his duty yet to come
It’s him or them and he has yet to choose a side.

Soldier, he has become to fight the war
The battle for what humans cease to see
Inside he has frozen all his empathy
Like society, he’s apathetic to the world.
Nameless faceless he will slaughter without care
What is within him will shrivel and will die
Bornless he was created for the ashen ones
Worthless is the one marked as a martyr.
Craven he shall take until there is no more
Viral he shall spread his foul infection
He shall spread trepidation and malignance
Without remorse, he will cull the world anew.
Returning the world to peace and perfection
The flowers grow from the rot of human flesh
Blood to nourish all the seeds of earth tomorrow
Pointless would be to resist what must be.