Article XII – Newfredland national identity

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish official representations of our nation. Every nation throughout the world holds specific representations, such as national bird, food, past time, and such. We hold our representations as sacred to our nation, they are held in the same esteem as the very crown itself.

The Newfredland flag

The national flag is comprised of three colors, white, black, and red. Equal white and black represents equality amongst all peoples, even those diametrically opposed to one another. Red represents the blood of those who have come before us and died in search of true liberty and equality.

The laurel wreath represents the victory of the just, over tyranny and oppression, and the victory of the mind, over force and violence. The serpent represents wisdom, change, and growth, as well as one’s ability to defend itself if it is threatened.

Newfredland seal

LIBERTATIS ET AEQUALITATIS” is Latin for “Freedom and equality,” which is the official motto of Newfredland. The official seal holds the same laurel wreath and serpent as our flag and holds the same representations thereof. The crossed arrows pointing downward, represent peace and defense against those who would mean to cause us harm.

All official documents will bear the official seal of Newfredland, or it is to be considered unofficial.

Newfredland official currency, colors, and motto

Our currency is called the nummus and the symbol representing the nummus is փ. White, black, and red, are our official colors, and as stated our motto is, “LIBERTATIS ET AEQUALITATIS” which is Latin for “Freedom and equality.” Freedom and equality are the literal bedrocks upon which Newfredland was founded

Our national pastime is reading

Reading is something that nearly all of our citizens love to do; whether fiction, non-fiction, historical, there’s something for everyone. Reading takes us places we never could have gone, transforms us, teaches us new things, and enlightens us. Nothing works the brain, imagination, or creative juices quite like a good book!

Reading is entertaining, educational, and a great way to find new things you like!

The Newfredland national music is Rock n’ Roll

Rock, classic rock, hard rock, alternative rock, punk, goth, metal, and all points in between can be found within Newfredland. Other genres are always welcome too, but Rock n’ Roll has been deemed the official music of our revolutionary nation. Rock encompasses a lot of sub-genres of music, all of which are included herein.

The Newfredland national flower is the sunflower

By Lord Frederick

Bright yellow, beautiful, large, useful in herbalism and healing, and nearly joy-inducing at the sight, the sunflower is our national flower for these reasons. Sunflowers also have an unmistakable scent, which has seen high-end perfumes made from it.

The Newfredland national bird is the falcon

The falcon represents swiftness, dignity, intellect, strength, and temperance, all of the aspects which we see within our national identity. It is for the falcon’s power and grace that falconry has been a hobby for thousands of years! 

The Newfredland national food is Pizza

Yes, pineapple does belong on pizza, alongside any and all other toppings one could desire of the proverbial swiss army knife of foods. Everyone has a favorite pizza topping, a favorite pizza place, and style (Thick or thin crust, Sicilian or round), and it is food that vegetarians and meat eaters alike can revel in.