Article X – Grand decree of Law

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish the laws of Newfredland to stand in perpetuity from this day forward. The laws will each house their own punishments, as defined beside the law itself, which shalt not be altered in any way. Through these laws, we protect the citizenry of Newfredland, promote fairness and equality, and maintain order throughout the nation.

● Impersonation – One who impersonates the crown, a member of the government, or another citizen is in breach of this law. Class 4 offense.

● Murder – One who takes the life of another citizen. Class 1 offense.

● Theft – One who takes someone else’s rightful property. Class 3 offense.

● Grand theft – Any theft that involves over $10,000. Class 2 offense.

● Manipulation or deceit – To knowingly manipulate or deceive someone for personal gain. Class 3 offense.

● Hate crime – Any crime committed with the intent to harm or threaten someone based upon race, gender, sexual preference, and the like. Class 2 offense.

● Rape or sexual misconduct – Sexual force or coercion when one individual is not a willing and consensual participant. Class 1 offense.

● False imprisonment and or kidnapping – Restraining someone against their will for any reason. Class 2 offense.

● Dishonorable action – Any action which is dishonorable in nature. Class 4 offense.

● Injurious action to a minor or animal – Any action that brings willful and knowing injury to a child or animal. Class 1 offense.

● Restricting another person’s general freedom – This is any action that impedes another person’s right to freedom. Class 3 offense.

● The threat of force – Threatening to use force on another for personal gratification or advancement. Class 3 offense

● Unfair business practices – Business conducted outside of the scope of fair enterprise and equality. Class 3 offense.

● Mistreatment – Treatment of another person or persons, that is not within the alignment of the core values of Newfredland. Class 4 offense.

● Violence (non-self-defense) – Violent action committed against another person, without it being held within the confines of self-defense. Class 2 offense.

● Littering and or uncleanliness in nature – Littering or leaving mess outside or within the confines of nature will not be tolerated. Class 5 offense.

● Defacing or public destruction of others property, nature, or areas not one’s own – Graffiti and causing general wonton public ugliness. Class 4

● Malicious property damage – Willfully and maliciously damaging the property of another and or nature. Class 3 offense.

Punishments are broken down into class infractions/offenses and range in order from 5 (minor) to 1 (Major). The punishment for each offense are as follows;

● Class 5 offense – Restitution to the party affected and 10 hours of documented community service.

● Class 4 offense – Restitution to the party affected and 20 hours of documented community service.

● Class 3 offense – Restitution to the party affected and 30 hours of documented community service.

● Class 2 offense – Restitution to the party affected and banishment from Newfredland.

● Class 1 offense – Death

Committing any class 5-4 offense more than twice, or committing more than one class 3 offense and is punishable as a Class 2 offense. Leniency may be granted if the offender turns themselves in and admits to the offense, this is up to the jury of peers.