Article VII – Grand decree of Citizenship

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish the protocol for those wishing citizenship within our nation. We shall reject none based upon cultural background, nationality, race, religion, social standings, sexuality, gender, or creed, to this end we are adamant. To those who meet our simple requirements, we will welcome them with open arms as our citizenry and fellow Newfredlanders.

We hereby set forth that anyone seeking citizenship within our nation must be naturalized as the following;

● Read, comprehend and agree to the entirety of our founding documents. To this, there can be no waver.
● Agree to uphold the law as set forth in our founding documents.
● Have no felony offenses to which harm was brought to another person, child, or animal in their history within their parent nation.
● Be of legal consenting age or the child of one of our citizens.
● Fill out the online “path to citizenship,” form.

You will receive a response via email per your form submission, and if accepted, you’ll be sent a downloadable welcome packet, welcoming you to Newfredland. Those who sponsor another for citizenship within our nation must ensure that the one being sponsored understands the aforementioned and upholds it.