Article VI – Principle decree of Kingship

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish the monarchy of our great and sovereign nation. As the founder of Newfredland, it is within my right to appoint all things herein as written law and canon of our nation. By this right, I hereby appoint myself as rightful and dutiful king of Newfredland, my wife Lady Samantha Cook as Queen, and my sons and daughters as princes and princesses respectably.

A line of succession shall proceed from me to my children, by order of age and desire to rule our nation. Shall no heir be apparent to succeed me, one shall be appointed by the queen and a council of those within our established government. By this and by duty to the nation of Newfredland and its people I do swear to the following;

● To be forthcoming and truthful to all citizens and to listen to grievances with an
open mind and heart.
● To be fair and to treat all citizens as equals.
● To always act in the best interest of our citizens over myself.
● To serve our nation proudly and honorably.
● To abide by all laws and attributes over which our nation was founded.
● To see to our constant growth as a nation and as a people.

Thus I accept the responsibilities, rights, and duties of my self-appointed office over the micronation of Newfredland.