Article V – Grand decree of Nobility

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish a distinction between the citizenry and nobility of Newfredland. A citizen is one who is a member of the nation of Newfredland, whereas a noble is a lord or lady of Newfredland. A lord or lady is one who contributes to the nation, via time, ideas, creativity, finances, and so on, whereas a citizen has no obligation but to live in accordance with our laws.

A noble is someone who is close to the king but is not in a government position within the crown. When one is deemed a lord or lady of Newfredland, if they are married or will be married, their significant other will also take on the title of lord or lady of Newfredland. A lord/lady will use their title in all dealings within Newfredland, for example; Lord John Doe of Newfredland.

By right of birth, all children born of a lord or lady in Newfredland will hold the title affixed to their name upon their eighteenth year of birth. Only upon a serious infraction of the law, can the title of lord or lady be rescinded.