Article IX – Grand decree of Government 

By order of the king, Lord Frederick William Cook, in accordance with the micronation of Newfredland, we hereby establish the government of Newfredland. This government shall stand to serve the people, be comprised of the people, and be appointed via request of the crown. Each position of government shall be ever standing until someone challenges said post, in which an election may take place to decide who will take the said position.

The positions of government are;

● Royal ambassador – There can be many royal ambassadors to Newfredland, who will hold the professional duty of forming alliances and maintaining diplomacy with other nations. A royal ambassador to Newfredland will be a direct reflection of the crown, Newfredland, and our people.

● Civilian defense minister – The C.D.M. is in charge of helping maintain the militia of Newfredland, in defense of our nation.

● Chief of law enforcement – The C.L.E. is in charge of maintaining the letter of the law and appointing officers/knights to assist in enforcing the laws of Newfredland.

● Minister of health and human services – The M.H.H.S. is in charge of overseeing the health and better welfare of the citizenry of Newfredland and teaching a healthy, and clean lifestyle thereof.

● Chief information officer – The C.I.O. is in charge of acquiring the necessary information to assist the crown, Newfredland, and its citizenry.

● Chief expansion officer – The C.E.O. is in charge of seeing to the expansion of Newfredland and its principality to greater serve the citizens.

● Internet affairs officer – The I.A.O. maintains the social media presence and email correspondences of the nation.