Article III – Declaration of rights

Declaration of rights

Article I
All beings are enabled with free will and shall be free to act and live accordingly, so long as they harm none and do not restrict another of their freedom.

Article II
The right of self-defense and self-preservation, by use of force, is natural to all animals and we believe all of our citizens have this right.

Article III
The press has complete freedom to operate without governmental, religious or any other outside interference.

Article IV
Speech shall never be censored, nor will it be altered in any way. It should be further noted that while speech isn’t restricted, none are free from the ramifications of their speech. That is that speech attempting to sway others to acts of violence or misdeed, slanderous liable, and hate speech may be met with defensive force by those it affects. 

Article V
A crime must be thoroughly investigated, a perpetrator of a crime met by a trial of peers, and a punishment issued befitting of the crime. This should be concluded within one year’s time.

Article VI
No taxes nor fines levied shall be expected or accepted.

Article VII
Businesses within Newfredland shall meet all standards of fairness and equality.

Article VIII
All forms of marriage between consenting adults are recognized herein.

Article IX
Individuals are to be secure in their own possessions always.

Article X
The people of Newfredland are entitled to a functional government that represents them, freedom, equality, and to pursue whatever they so desire in life.

Article XI
The people are free to travel as they so wish.

Article XII
We do not establish, nor recognize any religious body or association, inasmuch that all people are free to believe and practice their religions as they see fit, so long as they do not impose upon another person. This includes the right to believe in no religion at all.

Article XIII
We establish that all citizens have the right to speak directly to the government and to air grievances thereof, without the threat of violence or criminal ramifications.

Article XIV
We thereby acknowledge citizenship for all children of citizens of Newfredtown, whether or not the opposite parent is a citizen.

Article XV
All citizens are given the right to sponsor others for citizenship herein and will be responsible for instructing them in the requirements for citizenship.

Article XVI
Free and military-free people have the right to study combative sciences, including hand-to-hand, and weaponry, and to advance as a civilian protectorate/militia of Newfredland.

Article XVII
Citizens hold the right to individual privacy and to be free of spying from both foreign and domestic entities.

Article XVIII
Rights not explicitly stated herein, are to be considered open to interpretation and or open to amendment by the King of Newfredland.