Constitution of Newfredland

We, the citizenry of Newfredland, hold these truths above all else, in that freedom and equality for all is paramount to the spirit of humanity. That no man or woman is worth more or less than another and that none shall see to indentured servitude, chattel slavery, slavery, or slave-like labor thereof and that all things founded upon such should be dissolved entirely. That all citizens are entitled to live, wholly and fully by their own dictate, so long as they do not harm another or restrict another from living the same. We feel that all citizenry are free to identify as they will, to be respected and treated the same as any other. That all religions are free to be practiced, so long as they are not postulated to those who do not want to hear it. That the press should be free and unencumbered by governmental or outside intervention.

We, the citizens of the sovereign nation of Newfredland, believe that health and human services, and education are some of the most basic of human rights, that should be given to all. It is the right of all to seek their happiness and fortunes as they will, and be responsible for their own growth or shortcomings. That each person is an individual and a respected entity, free of coercion or the use of force by the government.

To us it is evident that all creatures should be treated with respect, this includes those on farms, in shelters, and in citizens’ homes. We respect nature and hold that a balance between humanity and nature must be maintained. We aspire to always put lives above profit, people ahead of industry and expansion.

To these truths, we stand adamant and shall not waver ever!

Lord Frederick William Cook
King of Newfredland