Animals are a weakness of mine, regardless of the species I love them all. From the cuddly to the terrifying, animals are some of my favorite people (minus Wasps, they’re just dicks jk). Whether cuddling with a kitten or admiring a venomous snake, animals are both beautiful and fascinating to me.

I have only cried about celebrity deaths twice in my life, once when Bob Ross died and once when Steve Irwin died. Steve was a hero to me, I seldom missed a single episode of his show on Animal Planet, but find it difficult to watch today because of my love and admiration for him. Steve brought the animal kingdom to each of us and did so with love and compassion for each and every animal he’d encounter. 

Animals make our days brighter, make our hearts race and at times, seem like an alien species. My four littles have inherited my love for animals too, with each having a favorite creature and loving our two cats Oreo and Alice. My sons who are 11 and 12 as I type this, even wept when their beta fish died. 

I cannot imagine a world without animals, or a day without at least seeing pictures of them, to me that would be like a day without night. I absolutely love animals, from insects to elephants, from whales to birds, I love them all. One belief I hold fast in my heart, if someone doesn’t like animals, I cannot like them… period!